Through their collaborative research Feizabadi, Behkalam and Maier-Rothe explore different notions of the term “projection”. Within this framework, the video aims to connect a variety of historical events and movements, including various cinematic and political activist approaches since 1945.
Initiated in January 2013 on the second anniversary of the so called “Arab Spring”,  Notes on Projection unfolds through epic Lumières’ scenes, as well as more recent epochal images from the protest in Cairo where – during public screenings organized by Mosireen Collective – protesters became spectators of their own riots. The work develops and relates topics such as distance and proximity, light and magic, spectatorship and mediated introspection,  following the axis of the projected image as a militant tool.


Notes of Projection, Azin Feizabadi, Kaya Behkalam & Jens Maier-Rothe (2013-2015)
34′, HD, color, sound. Voice over: Stephanie Ballantine