As part of the exhibition Regarding Spectatorship: Revolt and the Distant Observer, at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien (21st November-17th January 2016) a series of talks, screenings and guided tours will take place over the course of the show.


9th Jan 2016, 7 pm – Screening ​of The Uprising, 2012 by Peter Snowdon (78 min), in the presence of the artist

Peter Snowdon studied French and Philosophy at Oxford University, before moving to Paris where he worked in publishing and journalism, and as a consultant to UNESCO. He lived in Egypt from 1997 to 2000. On his return to Europe, he started making agit-prop documentary films. Over time, his work has evolved beyond the purely political to engage with the experimental and avant-garde traditions, and to address wider philosophical issues. He has travelled and worked widely around the world, in particular in the Palestinian territories, where a number of his films were shot, and India, where he was a consultant for the International Society for Ecology and Culture.

The Uprising shows us the Arab revolutions from the inside. It is a multi-camera, first-person account of that fragile, irreplaceable moment when life ceases to be a prison, and everything becomes possible again.
This feature-length documentary is composed entirely of videos made by citizens and long-term residents of Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Syria and Yemen. The film uses this footage, not to recount the actual chronology of events or analyse their causes, but to create an imaginary pan-Arab uprising that exists (for the moment) only on the screen.

15th Jan 2016, 7 pm – Talk with Marianne Franklin, Professor of Global Media and Politics, Goldsmiths, University of London.

Marianne Franklin’s research interests draw on the humanities and social sciences as she has an academic background in History and Music, Social and Political Theory, and International Relations.  A recipient of research funding from the Social Science Research Council (USA) and Ford Foundation, she has been active in recent years in research and advocacy on human rights issues and the internet, serving as co-Chair of the Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition (2012-2014) at the UN Internet Governance Forum, and as a steering committee member of the IRP Coalition since 2009.

She’s currently Chair of the Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GigaNet) and has served on the International Communications Section Executive, and as Chair of the Feminist Theory and Gender Studies Section of the International Studies Association, Membership and Program Committees of the Global Internet Governance Academic Network (Giganet).


Education programme

In collaboration with the University of Potsdam.

The students of the course “Revolutions, self-disclosure, knowledge and ‘tweeting’ – Globalization and the local media culture of the internet” held by Julius Erdmann will propose guided tours in the show and a final session of talks, gathering together their reflection on the exhibition from a cultural studies point of view.

Calendar of guided tours:

5th December, 5-6 pm – held by Julia Jonas and Jacob Kuntzsch

12th December, 5-6 pm – held by Ella Schilling and Eileen Schüler

19th December, 5-6 pm –

9th January 2016, 12am-6 pm –

General information:

The tours are free of charge, no booking is required and they are held in German. Meeting point: in front of the exhibition entrance.

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